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E20-616 EMC exam

Exam Number/Code : E20-616

Exam Name : Symmetrix Installation and Troubleshooting Specialist


Test E20-616, also known as Symmetrix Installation and Troubleshooting Specialist, is a EMC certification. We provide the latest and most effective E20-616 exam study materials. With the complete collection of questions and answers, our has assembled to take you through 123 Q&As to your E20-616 exam preparation.


EMC e20-616 Study Guide is unlike the EMC E20-616 practice test with though EMC e20-616 practice questions, you will be prepared for the questions with a foundational knowledge of the fundamentals of EMC technology by using it. Predicting answers to EMC e20-616 practice questions with ease by these core principles.


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Exam        :  EMC  E20-616

Title    :  Symmetrix Installation and Troubleshooting Specialist Exam



1. Which command is run from the director to see the I/O statistics on a SA or FA host adapter card?

A. A1,EF

B. A2,BA

C. A2,DA

D. A2,EA

Answer: B


2. After adding Ficon Directors, they do NOT appear as EF in Volumes map. Why?

A. Ficon Directors are automatically addressed

B. Ficon Directors must be added to the host screen

C. Ficon Directors appear as a Split in Volumes map

D. Ficon Directors must be added at Director Edit screen

Answer: C


3. Which link requires the other box serial number to be entered?





Answer: D


4. Which command displays adapter information such as speed capability and adapter type?

A. F0,CE




Answer: B


5. Which Inlines command displays Invoked Hot spares?





Answer: A


6. What is the number of vault drive slices for a 2-storage bay, fully configured storage system?

A. 16

B. 32

C. 64

D. 128

Answer: D


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Testsoon Juniper Networks JN0-100 exam

Exam Number/Code : JN0-100

Exam Name : Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA-JUNOS)

Questions and Answers :161 Q&As

Update Time:2010-05-19


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Exam        :  Juniper Networks JN0-100

Title    :  Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA-JUNOS)



1. Which statement is correct about the validate option when upgrading JUNOS software?

A. It will check the MD5 checksum of the install package.

B. It will check if the device meets the memory requirements for the install package.

C. It will check the compatibility of the configuration with the install package.

D. It will check if the device meets the storage requirement for the install package.

Answer: C


2. Which three statements are true of dynamic routing protocols? (Choose three.)

A. They are scalable.

B. They are Dijkstra based.

C. They share network layer reachability information among neighbors.

D. They automate next hop decisions.

E. They are tolerant of configuration errors.

Answer: ACD


3. Which major J-Web menu should you use to upgrade the JUNOS software on the router?

A. Monitor

B. Maintain

C. Diagnose

D. Configuration

Answer: B


4. On a Juniper router, what is the default file used for syslog messages?

A. system

B. errors

C. security

D. messages

Answer: D


5. How many IP addresses can be configured in a given interface?

A. one primary and one secondary IP address

B. one IP address

C. as many IP addresses as you want

D. one primary and multiple secondary IP addresses

Answer: C


6. Which command is a valid way to view the status of an interface?

A. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 extensive

B. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 status

C. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 health-info

D. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 verbose

Answer: A



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Testsoon HP HP0-S20 Exam

Exam Number/Code : HP0-S20

Exam Name : Implementing HP BladeSystem

Questions and Answers :67 Q&As

Update Time:2010-05-09


HP0-S20 exam is HP Implementing HP BladeSystem official code. Testsoon institutions collected 60 Q&As questions and answers for candidates' preparation. In the HP0-S20 simulations exam resources, candidates ought to protect most every field and category in HP certifications helping to willing candidates for a successful HP Certification.


hp0-s20 Advanced Unified Communications, too known as HP hp0-s20 exam, is a HP certification. With the complete cluster of inquiries and answers, Testsoon has assembled to take you through 102 Q&As to your HP hp0-s20 Exam preparation. In the HP hp0-s20 exam resources, you will cover every field and category in HP certifications helping to keen you for your successful HP Certification.


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Exam        :  HP HP0-S20

Title    :  Implementing HP BladeSystem



1. Which options can be enabled in the HP Network Configuration Utility? (Select two.)

A. fault tolerance

B. NIC-assisted load balancing

C. switch-assisted load balancing

D. DHCP server support

Answer: AC


2. Which statements are true about the AMD Opteron server memory architecture? (Select two.)

A. AMD Opteron uses HyperTransport for Direct Memory Access (DMA) transfers.

B. Each processor has its own memory.

C. A shared memory bus interconnects the CPUs with memory.

D. AMD Opteron uses 8-way interleaved memory in conjunction with proMem technology.

Answer: AB


3. Which benefits are server blades designed to provide? (Select two.)

A. ultra-density

B. highest internal expansion capability

C. power-efficiency

D. highest drive density

Answer: AC


4. Which bays must be used when installing three power supplies in a c7000 to support power redundancy mode?

A. Bays 1, 2, 4

B. Bays 1, 2, 5

C. Bays 1, 3, 4

D. Bays 2, 3, 5

Answer: A


5. Which tasks are part of the Evaluate Data step of the HP Troubleshooting Methodology? (Select three.)

A. analyze the mode of failure

B. gather messages from iLO logs

C. apply one change or one solution at a time

D. isolate faults to a hardware or software system

E. determine which components could cause the problem

F. check environmental conditions

Answer: ADE


6. Which features are included with the HP Modular Cooling System G2? (Select two.)

A. non-uniform airflow

B. fixed temperature set point

C. hot-swappable components

D. water leak detector

Answer: CD




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Testsoon EMC e20-340 questions and answers

Exam Number/Code : e20-340

Exam Name : clariion solutiongs implementation

Questions and Answers :108 Q&As

Update Time:2010-09-09


E20-340 exam is an important EMC certification which can test your professional skills. Candidates want to pass the exam successfully to prove their competence. Testsoon EMC technical experts have collected and certified 284 questions and answers of E20-340 exam which are designed to cover the knowledge points of the clariion solutiongs implementation and enhance candidates’ abilities. With Testsoon E20-340 preparation tests you can pass the E20-340 exam easily, get the Implemenation certification and go further on EMC career path.


The successful candidates will also be awarded credit for the EMC MCP (EMC Certified Professional) certification and MCSE (EMC Certified Systems Engineer on EMC e20-040 Windows Server 2003) certification as the e20-040 exam is a required exam for those EMC certifications. After the MCSE on EMC Windows Server 2003 certification you can go on to do any of the other certifications from EMC certification.



Exam       :  EMC E20-340

Title    :  Clariion Solutiongs Implementation



1. After the initial CX4 configuration has been set up and persisted, a customer would like to add additional back-end and front-end ports. In the diagram, which logical port assignments will be given to port 1 and port 3, respectively?

A. Port 1 - BE1, Port 3 - FE3

B. Port 1 - BE2, Port 3 - FE2

C. Port 1 - FE1, Port 3 - BE2

D. Port 1 - FE3, Port 3 - BE2

Answer: A


2. What is the hard-coded Ethernet IP address for a SP B service port in a CX3-20 and CX3-40?





Answer: A


3. Using the Fibre Channel fan-in rule, what is the maximum number of storage systems a host can attach to?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 8

D. 16

Answer: B


4. Which cable type is required to connect the DAE2P to the DAE3P?





Answer: B


5. Which port is required at installation in order to configure a back-end bus on a CX4?

A. Port 0 A-Bus 0

B. Port 1 B-Bus 1

C. Port 0 A-Bus1

D. Port 3 B-Bus2

Answer: A


6. What is the maximum number of drives and LUNs supported by a CX3-40?

A. 240 drives and up to 1,024 LUNs

B. 256 drives and up to 1,024 LUNs

C. 480 drives and up to 2,048 LUNs

D. 512 drives and up to 4,096 LUNs

Answer: A



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Testsoon IBM 000-373 exam

Exam Number/Code : 000-373

Exam Name : IBM WebSphere Business Monitor V6.2, Solution Development

Questions and Answers :111 Q&As

Update Time:2010-05-27


000-373 exam is IBM WebSphere Business Monitor V6.2, Solution official code. Testsoon   experts collected 111 Q&As questions and answers for candidates’ preparation. In the 000-373 exam resources, candidates will cover every field and category in IBM certifications helping to ready candidates for a successful IBM Certification.


Testsoon 000-373 braindumps questions are designed beside highly experienced and certified experts that have put together the best 000-373 torrent practice exam questions. Testsoon   000-373 simulations study guide will introduce you to the core logical system of various subjects so that you not only learn, but you also understand diverse technologies and subjects. Testsoon   000-373 actual test is comprehensive, yet affordable. We are aware that a major problem in the IT industry is a lack of mark IBM 000-373 book study materials.


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The latest market feedback indicates that a IBM certification has an average of 6-7 jobs oppountries, it also can bring back more than five numbers wage returns.